Deacon Blues - Deacon Blue Tribute Show


A night of brilliant live music! DEACON BLUES are heading to Camp and Furnace, with their legendary Tribute to Deacon Blue - Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the trailblazing 'Raintown' Album. The show will feature the entire album, in the order of the original track-listing! The album was released in 1987 and is widely praised as Deacon Blue's finest work. It has overtones of a concept album, relating to the struggles of urban life in the inner city.The city being unmistakably Glasgow. Deacon Blues have played all over the UK to fantastic acclaim, whipping festival audiences into a frenzy, singing along with every word, with their authentic reproduction of the greatest hits, such as Chocolate Girl, Fergus Sings the Blues, Real Gone Kid, Dignity and MANY MORE! Deacon Blues is the only Deacon Blue tribute band hailing from Scotland! Being based there, they are immersed in the iconic songs and emotions behind them, carrying this into every performance! NOTICE: STROBE & FLASHING LIGHTS WILL BE IN USE DURING THIS EVENT. PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND WHEN BOOKING TICKETS.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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25/02 2023 7:00pm
Camp and Furnace Kerson Works 67 Greenland Street LIVERPOOL
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