Dancing, Trailblazing, Taboo!


An exciting dance theatre performance revealing different aspects of Eleanor Marx. Who was she? Fighter for the eight hour working day. Champion of the hungry, the sick and the exploited. Translator. Writer. Internationalist. Public speaker. Activist. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. Why is she important? How does she connect to our lives today?

A 30 minute, stimulating dance theatre performance specially created for the Bloomsbury Festival to celebrate her life and the trail she blazed. Directed by Julia Pascal. Suitable for all ages.

Performances at 2pm, 3pm & 4pm (approx 30mins).

Extra: Join the Pascal Theatre Company at 5pm for their Sing and Subvert workshop. Learn a vaudeville song from the popular 19th century music hall tradition.

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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Kids, Adult
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23/10 2022 2:20pm
Royal National Hotel 38-51 Bedford Way LONDON
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