CYCC Act 7-9 Double Bill: The Accordion Shop & The Pack

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THE ACCORDIAN SHOP by Olivier Award nominated writer Cush Jumbo is a response to the London riots of 2011. This brilliant, utterly contemporary piece, commissioned by the National Theatre.

Mister Ellody has quietly kept his accordion shop going on his local high street for generations. One day, he steps out of his door and witnesses an extraordinary incident: hundreds of young people are surging onto the street, and they’ve all received the same text message on their phones which simply says “RIOT. THE ROAD. 7pm TONIGHT.”

THE PACK by Stef Smith is one of the plays featured in Positive Stories for Negative Times.

You’ve lost your map and you’ve broken your compass. There is no phone signal here and it’s getting dark. You hear breathing behind you, and you don’t know who or what it is, if it is going to comfort you or kill you. So, you begin to run… only to find you had never even left your house.

This is a playful and poetic exploration about getting lost in the loneliness of your living room and trying to find your way home.

It’s a captivating piece that resonates with anyone who has felt lost or isolated.


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