Curious About Bournemouth


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18/06 2024 10:00am
Town Centre The Square BOURNEMOUTH
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Have fun discovering Bournemouth with two, quirky, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Buy in booklet or instant download format.

Are you curious about Bournemouth? Looking for an unusual and quirky activity which gets you out in the fresh air whatever the weather? Take one of our self-guided walks with a treasure hunt theme – looping around the better-known sights, as well as some of the more unusual and quirky ones, which combined make Bournemouth a charming place to explore!

You’ll get everything – detailed directions, maps, clues (with answers in the back!), and interesting snippets about the history of Bournemouth and the people that have shaped it.

Buy in booklet or instant download format (to use on your mobile device or to print at home) and explore in your own time. One booklet is enough for four people of all ages to enjoy.

Enter code List20 at checkout for a 20% discount on any two or more purchases from Curious About.

Be Curious!