Curiosity Killed the Cat & China Crisis

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Curiosity Killed The Cat instantly became one of the hottest and most popular bands of the late eighties. While gaining a large teen following, their appeal was far wider, their cool, funky, distinctive music being a very long way from typical teen fodder. Curiosity Killed The Cat’s many hit singles include Down to Earth, which peaked at number 2 in the charts and sold 1.5 million worldwide, Misfit, Ordinary Day and Name and Number (which later went on to be a hit single for De La Soul). At the end of 1991 Curiosity Killed The Cat signed a major album deal with RCA records and came back with a new single, their own version of Johnny Bristol’s seventies classic Hang on in there Baby, produced by fresh young producers Terry Adams and Mark Taylor. Hang on in there Baby became a top 5 hit in the UK and charted across Europe, it was also awarded the “single of the week” accolade from Radio One’s Gary Davies. China Crisis are a band that formed in 1979, Liverpool that achieved chart success throughout the 1980s, having had two albums certified Gold in the UK. Their songs broke the charts, especially Wishful Thinking which made a definite impact at number 9; it became just the right song to open up the gate for what arguably could be their best album It was “Flaunt the Imperfection” which was released in 1985 that catapulted the band to new levels of success making it to number 9 in the UK Albums charts.


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