Crazy Little Sing Called Pub


We get it. You CAN sing, but only in the shower or the car or when youve had a few drinks. Well, get out of that bathroom, leave your wheels at home, definitely DO grab those drinks at the bar & COME SING WITH US!

We dont care if youre a bit ropey- youll be led in song by someone who knows what theyre talking about. Abi Moore will (im)politely guide, cajole and, if necessary, HEAVE your voice out of you. Whether youre a high, middle or low singer - or even if you have no idea- your voice is needed and welcomed.

Were going to sing an epic pop/ rock pub anthem and make a harmonised choir out of a bunch of total strangers. You wont believe the sound youll make - and well film, record and send it to you to prove it wasnt just a drunken dream!

Music, drinks, laughter and random people coming together to create something amazing. You dont need anything except your voice, your ears, and well maybe a few drinks!

Join us at The Big Shed at the Trent Navigation Inn for a beautiful summer experience - our first outdoor event (but don't worry- it's totally covered, so you won't be exposed to the elements! Big sound, big screen and big fun!


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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28/07 2024 7:00pm
Trent Navigation Inn 17 Meadow Lane NOTTINGHAM
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