Count Binface: Bindependence Day


Count Binface is back on Earth! Fresh from beating the fascists at the London mayoral election, the universe’s favourite novelty politician has returned for the big one.

He’s here to save the UK from imminent disaster with his unique live show on the march to Bindependence Day!

Join the Count for his unique take on Britain, his special brand of sci fi satire and his unbeatable policies. Cheaper croissants? Check. Nationalising Adele? Check. Water bosses to take a dip in the Thames to see how they like it? CHECK! All this and more.

Get up close to the Count and help him with his MEGA plans: Make Earth Great Again!


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Target groups
Elderly, Adult, Youth
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Available tickets

09/10 2024 7:30pm
Monkey Barrel Comedy 9--11 Blair Street EDINBURGH
Provided by The List