Count Arthur Strong: And It’s Goodnight From Him

Having consulted with top Harley Street specialists, the St Anne’s Jombulance Brigade and Professor Twitty, that did COVID, (the bald one), Count Arthur Strong has decided to gradually phase in his...


Count Arthur Strong is Charles Dickens in 'a Christmas Carol'.

Arthur delivers the Charles Dickens story and follows this with his own adaptation of the most classic of festive tales, a Christmas carol.

Due to public pressure, Count Arthur Strong extends his fond farewell to you, for a ‘once in a lifetime’ limited run. As he takes on, one of the literary greats, the famous Charles Dickens, and then goes on to present his one-man interpretation of A Christmas Carol. ‘If you miss it, you weren’t there!’


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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15/11 2024 8:00pm
The Atkinson Lord Street SOUTHPORT
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