'Compact companions' – plushie making workshop


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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13/07 2024 11:00am
SPACE Ilford 10 Oakfield Road ILFORD
Provided by The List


Create your own plushie, patching together old scraps of fabric and sentiments close to home that reflect who you are.

Join artist Katie Schreiber for this guided workshop and create your own plushie using simple sewing and iron-on fabric techniques. You will be encouraged to identify aspects of your identity and sense of home which you can then recreate in fabric using a variety of shapes.

You are welcome to bring with you a sentimental item to stitch into your plushie – this could be an old item of clothing, a family heirloom, a colour that represents your identity or even a favourite scent. Or take inspiration from the materials that will be provided on the day. No previous experience necessary – just come and experiment!