Common Ground presents....Ghost of the Toll Point Light


The year is 1900 - the dawn of a new century. Young Jack Grimes arrives to take up his post as assistant to the keeper of the Toll Point Light, off the coast of East Anglia. Isaac Troop has been keeper at Toll Point for 20 years, without the need of an assistant. His self-imposed solitude is threatened by the new arrival - is he there to assist or to replace him? Guessing that his bosses at Trinity House have doubts about his mental fitness, he hesitates to tell Grimes about the other inhabitant of the lighthouse, as that would likely mean the end of his career. But Isaac is not the only one disturbed by the newcomer... Ghost of The Toll Point Light, in the context of a good old-fashioned ghost story, also explores questions around why people seek seclusion, as a means of escape or of atonement, or as a way of finding peace or achieving enlightenment. A play with music in two acts. The performance ends at approximately 9.45pm including an interval


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01/11 2024 7:30pm
Jubilee Hall Crabbe Street ALDEBURGH
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