Colum Sands

Talented Irish singer-songwriter from the renowned Sands family.
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Colum Sands, one of the famed Northern Irish musical family, is a universally acclaimed songwriter, having performed in over thirty countries around the world. Not only that, but he often discovered that some of his songs had arrived before him, taken up by other performers such as Andy Irvine, Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, and Roy Bailey. His songs and stories observe the minute and often humorous details of life, and are not afraid to quietly point out the absurdities and results of historical and political happenings throughout the world, from Northern Ireland itself to Berlin and Israel. With his touring, both solo and sometimes with the family band, and no less than nine albums to his credit, one wonders how he finds time to do anything else, but indeed he does. For many years he presented Radio Ulster's Folk Club programme, as well as broadcasting a series of programmes of Radio 2, and a series for RTE Radio, plus a Radio 4 documentary tracing the work of early folk music collectors in Ireland. In addition he has produced countless albums for other songwriters and for traditional singers, been short-listed for a Grammy nomination, and received the Living Tradition award for services to Folk and Traditional Music. But quite apart from all that, he is warm, witty, moving and funny as a performer, and whether performing to three or three thousand people, makes everyone feel as if they were sitting in his living room. Through the weaving of his songs, he has a gift of breaking down cultural barriers through choice words and eloquent music. Welcome, Colum!


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