Colours Uncovered at Harewood House this Spring


Colours Uncovered is a new exhibition tracing the history and science of colour, through selected objects and artworks from the Harewood House collection.

The vibrant pigments in a Renaissance Vivarini painting, the blush pink in Sèvres porcelain, and the muted natural pigments in work by contemporary artist Max Lamb are just a few of the delights on show in a colourful celebration of Harewood’s collection and gardens.

Harewood House is in Leeds, Yorkshire and is one of the Treasure Houses of England. The House was built in the 18th century and is renowned for its collection of paintings, furniture, ceramics, and gardens. Throughout the house and gardens specific colours will be spotlighted in artworks and objects within the collection, revealing their hidden colour stories and histories.

The exhibition, room by room, explores artists using colour theory, the science of extraction of pigments from nature, how colour affects wellbeing and colour trends through history.

Colours Uncovered is accompanied by workshops, events and activities across Harewood, for all ages and abilities.