Coleridge-Taylor of Freetown


Tayo Aluko & Friends (Nigeria/UK)

A respected Sierra Leonean diplomat hatches a post-retirement plan to tour the world singing songs composed by his famous uncle, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. While temporarily helping out at Fourah Bay College in Freetown, the civil war that’s been ravaging the country finally reaches his campus. Taking shelter, George Coleridge-Taylor reflects on his and his country’s stories, and imagines himself in concert, all the while wondering if he dares risk trying to save the female student captured by the fearsome rebels. Beautiful music underlies the sometimes-harrowing history of an African country and the horrors of war. Post-performance Q&A.

Scenes of sexual violence, Strong language/swearing Contains disturbing themes - Contains sexual themes - Contains violent themes, Contains suggestions of, and allusions to the sensitive content mentioned, without them actually being portrayed on stage.

Age category: 12+


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07/08 2024 10:30am
Quaker Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace EDINBURGH
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