Colder Than Here


Colder than Here Written by Laura Wade, Directed by Elodie Foray

Myra may not have much time left, but she’s hardly going to let that get the best of her. Myra and Alec, and their two adult daughters, Harriet and Jenna, are your typically British family; deep down they love each other, but somehow they just can’t quite seem to be able to connect.

In the time she has left, Myra decides to face things head on; planning out her own funeral, exactly the way she wants it, while also trying to fix the relationships between her family. As each family member struggles to cope with Myra’s illness, they find themselves drawn closer through moments of emotion, vulnerability, support, and surprising humour. Though a story centred around death, this play finds opportunities for joy and laughter—a testament to family, relationships and finding light even in the darkest of times.

The beauty of this play is that all of the characters go through their own journeys, intermingled with each others’. By the end, each one has, gently, become a different person.


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21/02 2023 7:45pm
Archway Theatre The Drive HORLEY
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