Coheed & Cambria

Conceptual hardcore from New Jersey's prog metallers Coheed & Cambria
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Coheed and Cambria were formed in 2001 and their debut album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, was released in the spring of 2002. That album was acclaimed by critics for its unusual melodies, lyrical content and refreshingly new concept.

The Colour Before the Sun is the eighth studio album from these progressive post-hardcore visionaries. It finally sends this band of space cadets crashing down to Earth. After traversing the outer limits of science fiction over seven acclaimed albums and more than 20 comic books, founder and songwriter Claudio Sanchez is ready to explore his emotions nakedly, plainly and unabashedly. No conceptual framework, no galaxy of characters, no seven-minute epics, no places for the band, as he quips, to "put a laser beam on it."


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