Clinton Kane


A vocalist with a warm, emotive voice and a passionate style, Clinton Kane developed an audience with homemade videos where he covered his favorite songs before he matured into an expressive, emotionally powerful songwriter. Not afraid to bare his soul or use his lyrics as a vehicle to explore his own issues, Kane's music is full of passionate introspection that doesn't compromise the strength of his melodies. He first reached an international audience as the voice behind Martin Garrix's international smash "Drown," while he opened up his soul as a lyricist on the 2019 EP This Is What It Feels Like and struck a balance between his confessional and tuneful sides on the 2021 hits "Chicken Tendies" and "I Guess I'm in Love."


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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09/02 2023 kl 19:00
The Garage 490 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW
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