Clinton Baptiste: Roller Ghoster


Solo again, Britains most celebrated clairvoyant medium psychic from Peter Kays Phoenix Nights returns with his brand new hilarious one-man stand up show.

As well as venturing into the audience to offer his unique spirit readings, Clinton Baptiste comes armed with more tales from his extraordinary childhood; exposing himself in ways you could never imagine -the family that shaped him, the narrow minded who doubted him and the lovers that left him. He regales us with stories of his recent work on a cruise ship, his spirit readings round the UK and not to mention the day to day life with his Greenlandic spirit guide, Taruak.

Brace yourselves - Clinton will prove his mystical ability once and for all. This time, he guarantees you WILL believe!

No actual money back if you don't. Its not really a legal guarantee as such. Look, its just an expression, okay?

Laugh, gasp, scream your head off but whatever you do.strap in and hold tight as Clinton takes you on a rip-roaring ride through the twists and turns of his heady life.

The premier hands- on clairvoyant, medium and a psychic, Clinton is renowned as Britains foremost can-do guru.

The self styled 'Can-guru'

(not kangaroo.)

This is an unreserved seated event

The venue bar is open from 6.45pm


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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23/06 2024 7:00pm
The Glee Club Mermaid Quay CARDIFF BAY
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