Clinton Baptiste: Clinton Vs Ramone

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The country’s two biggest psychic medium stalwarts battle it out on the celestial canvas to see who is the greatest.

At last, the verbal joust the ‘spirits’ have been dying to see….literally.

As featured in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights…it’s Clinton Baptiste and his arch psychic enemy from Clinton’s massively popular podcast, ‘Ramone’ in…

Clinton Vs Ramone!

Clinton Baptiste is the very undiplomatic clairvoyant medium psychic from Peter Kay’s smash hit TV series Phoenix Nights. Never afraid to tell the punters what the spirits are saying… regardless of offence. Ramone is a Scottish cabaret entertainer with special paranormal gifts like Clinton’s…. and Baptiste’s sworn nemesis.

Deeply competitive in the paranormal live scene, they have been known to tear hilarious strips off each other in Clinton’s hugely successful podcast. Now, interacting onstage for the first time, they deliver a verbal jousting match to determine once and for all, who has the greatest gift.

Let battle commence as the two tear strips off each other to elevate themselves before the public jury. Who will surface triumphant as the greatest Supernaturalist, as the verbal dexterity and schoolboy insults ring round the auditorium?

The bitchily cutting badinage will leave one of them on the canvas and the audience ‘on the floor’.

The show is for ages 14+.


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