Chunky Move: 4/4


Testing the boundaries of choreographic restraint, this performance balances unity and individuality in the UK premiere of an utterly distinct dance work. As episode after episode builds upon the last, quartets and duets converge and diverge in ever more hypnotic configurations. With backgrounds in krump, freestyle hip-hop, house and contemporary dance techniques, the diversity in the dancers' artistic backgrounds, coupled with Hamilton's striking craftsmanship and a minimal background, highlights a uniquely Australian performance. In a world full of commotion and clamour, 4/4 is a captivating meditation of meticulous, mesmerising choreography. Chunky Move is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. Chunky Move is assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body.


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Kids, Elderly
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09/11 2024 3:00pm
Queen Elizabeth Hall Belvedere Road LONDON
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