Chloe Jacobs: Twilight: Breaking Down At The Oxford Comedy Festival


The year is 2009. The location is, physically, Slough, Berkshire and, spiritually, Forks, Washington. Chloe and her 11-year-old best pals have become obsessed with all things Twilight. Soon, enjoying the franchise is not enough for these voracious and unbalanced tweens. They must immerse themselves in this world and so Daughters of Volterra, a 30,000-word self-insert erotic fanfiction, is born.

Join comedian and improviser Chloe Jacobs as she guides you through the hilarious and fevered imaginings of her vampire-obsessed youth. This show asks the important questions: what does it mean to be a superfan What compels us to write And... Bella! Where the hell have you been, loca

This is part of the Oxford Festival Fringe Preview Comedy Festival. For the whole line-up go to:


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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26/07 2024 7:00pm
Trinity College Broad Street OXFORD
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