Chinese Brush Painting Outdoor Workshop - Scottish Landscape


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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29/06 2024 10:00am
The Confucius Institute for Scotland Abden House 1 Marchhall Crescent EDINBURGH
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Landscape, Shan Shui, literally translated as ‘mountain and water’, is one of the most popular subjects in Chinese brush painting. Chinese painting techniques are not bound by Geographical limit; it can also interpret the Scottish landscape. This class offers an opportunity to learn about and appreciate different cultural traditions. Taking inspiration from the wonderful view from Abden House, the main building of Confucius Institute, this workshop will mix classroom-based exercises and outdoor sketching and painting, weather permitting.

Live demonstration will be provided during the class. The tutor will also provide reassurance that the students can get the techniques into their own artwork effectively. Participants are welcome to bring your own photo reference to paint on the day.