Charity Garden Opening - Gorthleck House Garden


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Food and drink
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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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24/05 2024 10:00am
Gorthleck House STRATHERRICK IV2 6UJ
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Gorthleck is an unusual 20-acre woodland garden built in an unlikely place, on and around an exposed rocky ridge which offers long views of the surrounding countryside in the ‘borrowed landscape’ tradition of Japanese gardens. The layout of the garden works with the natural features of the landscape with numerous paths, hedges and shelter belts creating clearly defined areas where a large collection of trees and shrubs are thriving. The garden includes over 400 different varieties of rhododendrons, half of which are species, and a large variety of bamboos. It is a large garden so allow sufficient time to see it properly.

This is a fundraising event for the open garden charity Scotland’s Gardens Scheme which raises money for hundreds of local charities.