Ceremonial Laptop Presents: Greg On Boats, Si Paton, Jackson Burton

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Greg On Boats is a new visual score composed by photographer and teacher Michelle Adsley-Toal, comprising the ongoing photographic documentation of her husband Greg on various boats. Images are displayed for both artists and the audience to see. Artists are asked to improvise, using only the photographs as a guide to the creation of sound. Audience participation is greatly encouraged. When asked about her husband on boats, Michelle commented "erm... he looks thoughtful I don't know I'm not a wordsmith".

Si Paton performs solo prepared bass guitar. Armed with multiple distortion pedals, screwdrivers, drumsticks, pencils, and anything that the other bands left onstage, he has crafted compelling performances that consist of virtuosic free jazz one minute, dense walls of harsh noise the next, and utilising performance art the next, dealing with the kind of chaotic energy that Andy Kauffman made famous. He has been known to play whilst climbing on tables, engage in staring contests with unsuspecting audience members, recite wrestling promos, and generally disregarding his own safety.

Jackson Burton works with scores, text pieces and action-based performances that address class and other things, often in collaboration with Ash Reid, sometimes solo. Recent output has included performances at Cafe OTO, The Fruit Market Edinburgh and Hundred Years Gallery and a recent release on Infant Tree in 2023 with Adam Bohman, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson and Sue Lynch.


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