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Cartography of Care is an exhibition curated in response to the idea of an emotional atlas. It brings together the work of an international group of artist mothers working across a variety of disciplines to explore how we might map the human experience of caregiving. The exhibition considers the relationships between geographies, maps and emotions and traces the physical and interior journeys and landscapes of these artists: Artworks which explore how the experience of care can be physically mapped on the maternal body, in domestic space, in our relationships with ourselves, and in how we care for others in times of crisis.

Exhibiting Artists:

Adele Mary Reed / Catherine Reinhart / Charlene Scott / Chloë Marsden / Daphne Bennett / Dafne Salis / Diana Krilova / Eva Gjaltema / Francesca Ricci / Gemma Gore / Hannah Turner-Duffin / Jena Love / Jenny Mason / Jessica Jane Charleston / JingLu Zhao / Judy Dibiase / Juliette Berkeley / Josie McCoy / Kate Cameron Reid / Kate Holcomb Hale / Kathryn Rodrigues / Kelsey Ashe / Lila Chatfield / Lillias Kinsman-Chauvet / Lucia Boaghe / Lucy Cade / Maura Jamieson / Michelle Gallagher / Nina Gerada / Olivia de Fleuriot Perry / Renata Fernandez / Rosie Barnes / Sally Kesterton / Sarah Buckius / Shannon Rae Fincke / Wang Chen / Yuko Edwards