Can AI Help Us Create a Healthier World?


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11/08 2024 10:00am
Science Museum Exhibition Road South Kensington LONDON
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How might artificial intelligence transform medicine and healthcare and improve the health of population across the planet? The potential for AI to revolutionise medicine is vast, and many aspects of healthcare—from precision medicine, nutrition and vaccine development to detection, diagnoses, treatment and patient care—are already undergoing radical changes because of rapid developments in AI tools. Such technologies may also prove to be a game changer in locations around the world with less developed healthcare systems. This panel of experts, working at the cutting edge of AI across health and development, will highlight the groundbreaking innovations happening right now, as well as exploring the issues of application, governance and regulation, and the ethical considerations of widespread use of AI in global healthcare. Speakers: Dr Alaa Murabit—Director, Program Advocacy and Communications, Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Angela Spatharou—Senior Partner and Leader, EMEA Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Consulting. Brhmie Balaram—Head of AI Research & Ethics, NHS AI Lab. Arthi Nachiappan (Chair)—Technology Correspondent, Sky News, previously Economics Correspondent, The Times.