Cabinet Secrets at Ham House and Garden


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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16/06 2023 12:00pm
National Trust: Ham House & Garden Ham Street Ham
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Visitors can explore the elaborate designs and beautiful artisanship of Ham House and Garden's extensive collection of stunning decorative cabinets in a showcase being held in June.

The Cabinet Secrets event is a unique opportunity to see inside the highly decorative pieces as they are unlocked and displayed in all their glory from 10-18 June.

They are normally kept closed to protect the pristine interiors from the light, and to avoid excessive wear on the hinges and locks.

Around 15 of the collection’s prized cabinets and artefacts including writing desks, a harpsichord and strongboxes will be opened during the exhibition.

Ham’s collection of cabinets includes examples of marquetry, lacquer, and inlay, collected from countries including Japan, China, Holland as well as England.

Among the cabinets expected to be opened for display are the Ivory Cabinet, in the North Drawing Room, which dates from around 1660 and is entirely veneered in ivory.

The Kingwood Cabinet, Lacquer Cabinet and Marquetry Cabinet, which is a striking example of floral marquetry installed at Ham between 1679 and 1683, are pieces that visitors can explore in the Long Gallery.

Other examples will be on display in the Duchess of Lauderdale’s Bedchamber, the Duchess’ Private Closet, and the Duke’s Dressing Room.

Entry free for members. Non-member entry for house and garden costs £14.00 (adult-standard), £7.00 (child), £35 (family-2 adults), £21 (family-1 adult)