C13 Music Arts Holistic Lifestyle Festival


Cognisance 13 shall be organising the most unique and beautiful music festival July 2023, West Sussex

"C13 MusicArtsHolisticLifestyleFestival"

It will be a...

"A sensorial sound journey made of our own specially written and produced music therapy giving sounds to facilitate the contact of unconscious memories still present in our body-mind connection, therefore here the possibility to expand the vastness of your journey into breathwork and subtle gentle movements to bring awareness to the intimate connection present between psyche, emotions, sensations and movements.

Your experience may include a profound emotional release accompanied by sensible physical sensations like waves of cold and warmth, tingling, lightness, openness.

You will hopefully retrive important memories under the form of visuals, body sensations or even clear thoughts"


Enjoy code: 639841
Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult, Kids
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15/07 2023 10:00am
The Shooting Field Shooting Fld STEYNING
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