Bullet for My Valentine

Welsh metal outfit fronted by Matt Tucker popular with the young people of today.


One of the biggest British metal bands of the 21st century

Welsh quartet Bullet For My Valentine straddle metal, punk and emo in a manner not hugely dissimilar to their Bridgend brethren Funeral For A Friend. The band formed out of the ashes of Jeff Killed John, who were on the verge of recording their debut when their bassist’s departure brought proceedings to a swift end. Childhood friends and former Jeff Killed John bandmates Matthew Tuck, Michael Padget and Michael Thomas teamed up with another friend Jason James to form Bullet For My Valentine in 2003.


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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03/03 2023 6:30pm
O2 City Hall Newcastle Northumberland Road NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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