Buff Bingo Bottomless Drag Brunch


6Boys, Balls, Bottomless Booze & Drag Queens!

At Buff Bingo Drag Brunch, we know how to have fun! Don’t be disillusioned, this is a world away from your Grandma’s afternoon bingo session, this is Great Britain’s favourite game re-imagined for a crazy brunch with a whole load of sass, a sexy twist & a large helping of spice!

The Grand game of Bingo will be the centrepiece for this crazy party brunch, with hosting & performances from London’s biggest queens, Taylor Trash, Herr The Queen & Norvina Michaels (London & Portsmouth) & Northern drag Royalty Anna Phylactic & HRH Lill (Manchester, Liverpool & Nottingham), all thrown into the mix!

Our gorgeous Boy Toy™ buff butlers will also be on hand to ensure the bubbles are flowing, combined with a ton of games & our amazing resident DJs with all the top tunes to boogie the afternoon away to!


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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24/02 2024 12:00pm
Salsa! Soho Bar 96 Charing Cross Road LONDON
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