Budapest Café Orchestra

Recreating the stirring sounds of their home town, the band mix violin, accordion and balalaika to create Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs and dances.
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Led by jazz violin superstar Christian Garrick, the BCO evokes vivid images of Tzigane fiddle maestros, Budapest café life and gypsy campfires - plus a few surprises along the way: good enough to make you want to book that holiday down the Danube!

They are hard to describe, and as fantastically exciting as they are musically impressive, journeying far and wide across the Balkans and Russia, Klezmer, Romanian Doinas, Hungarian Czardas. Expect surprises, diversions and adventures along the way. Hugely entertaining, with immense skill and profound musicianship. They have won acclaim from fans, fellow musicians and critics alike for their electrifying and entertaining shows.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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