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Ravel greatly admired Schubert’s collection of Valses Nobles and Valses Sentimentales, inspiring him to write his own cycle of eight solo piano waltzes which he later orchestrated – each a sparkling jewel. His “choreographic poem” La Valse, however, is a dizzying parody of every aspect of the waltz idiom. Unable to control the wild inertia of its own energy, the piece tears itself apart from within. Saint-Saëns’s Second Piano Concerto serves as a perfect example of the composer’s polish, neat formal proportions, clarity of texture, and classic elegance of style. The story of how the work came to be written is an interesting one – intertwined in his friendship with pianist Anton Rubinstein. He wrote it in just seventeen days! Tchaikovsky songs and piano pieces are transformed with considerable affection, wit, and imagination in Stravinsky’s charming suite.

Lighthouse, Poole

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


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