Blowout Girls - Who run the world?


Blowout events wanted to try something new and give the girls a chance at showing their skills on the decks.We are hoping to make this a regular event so we can keep helping to support the lasses in the industry and to help them work alongside the lads doing the things they love and to get them some recognition.Please come and support us so we can keep this event going.This event will have a mixture of Headliners and up and coming female Djs but it will have Female and Male Mcs.This is also a mixed Genre event so we will have different Genres on each time but it will be advertised what genres are on each one.Thank you for your support The Blowout team


Enjoy code: 960555
Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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19/10 2024 8:00pm
SR44 Warehouse 44 Scotswood Road NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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