Blossom & Buzz


Join us at Blossom & Buzz for an extraordinary day of discovery and creativity, perfect for children aged 5-10 and their families. This free event unfolds on Sunday, 19th May from 11 am to 3 pm at Everards Meadows and Fosse Shopping Centre, offering a suite of engaging and educational activities. Dive into the Ant Architects Adventure to build and explore ant-inspired structures, witness the marvels of bee life in Bees on Tour, and journey through Everards Meadows in the Eco-Explorer's Insect Journey (booking requierd on Eventbrite). Experience the Blossom & Buzz Show at Fosse Shopping Centre for an immersive storytelling adventure with Madam Buzz, and don't miss the Ugly Bugs Ball, where creativity meets eco-consciousness. Additionally, enjoy garden games, bee face painting and more. It's a day filled with fun, learning, and the wonders of nature!


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Kids, Elderly, Adult, Youth
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19/05 2024 11:00am
Winstanley House Hinckley Road LEICESTER
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