American pop punk masters who, despite the juvenile approach, have become elder statesmen of the scene, helping many a now grown-up musician through the teenage years. Now featuring Matt Skiba...


Please Note: Glasgow, Dublin, and Belfast dates have been postponed due to an urgent family matter. Rescheduled dates will be provided ASAP.

One of the most influential punk bands for more than three decades

Since their humble beginnings nearly thirty years ago, when they started playing in a San Diego garage, blink-182 have sold over fifty-million albums worldwide and rocked audiences from Adelaide to Zurich having become one of the defining rock bands of their generation. According to The New York Times, "No punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than blink-182.”

While blink-182 have already racked up more than their fair share of platinum records and blockbuster singles, they are looking forward to their 10th studio album. With DeLonge back after nearly a decade, fans can expect that electric on-stage magic that the trio has delivered over the years. With their new album due in 2023, blink-182 is stoked to be facing their future together.


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26/08 2024 6:30pm
The SSE Arena 2 Queen's Quay BELFAST
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