Bitter Blossoms - Nettles And Hemlock


Nettles and Hemlock is the new summer show from Bitter Blossoms. Flowers are blooming, crops are growing, romance is smouldering and in the long summer evenings, was it perhaps a creature from the other side you saw dancing across the skyline

Explore this heady and lore filler time of year with us, the daily and yearly rituals bound by the seasons and traditions. Stories of magic and mischief and maybe some rituals of your own to keep you safe as the nights draw in.

Bitter Blossoms is an exciting new vocal trio based out of The Netherlands. Phoebe Kirrage (UK), Julie Hasfjord (NO) and Viktoria Nikolova (BG) combine their skills and knowledge of traditional and classical music to create a unique performance of songs, stories, and tunes.


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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06/07 2024 7:30pm
The Harrison 28 Harrison Street LONDON
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