Billy Bragg

Self-styled 'progressive patriot' and veteran political activist who is still one of the UK's finest writers of love songs.


Orator, entertainer, rabble-rouser, negotiator, leafletter, the fabled 'big-nosed bard from Barking,' Billy Bragg is many things.

A regular contributor to the national debate as TV pundit, newspaper columnist and author of an acclaimed book on English identity. Above all though, he is a unique and fearsomely talented singer-songwriter.

What's seen him through 30 years, 12 studio albums, seven compilations, two box sets and countless tours across countless international borders, has been a driving sense of compassion -- what he himself christened 'socialism of the heart'. For every protest song ('Between The Wars', 'There Is Power In A Union', 'Never Buy The Sun'), there is a declaration of love ('Must I Paint You A Picture', 'Brickbat' or, from the new album, 'Chasing Rainbows').

These are what Billy considers the songs you'd stake your life on. Countless fans around the globe feel the same way.


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