Big Lou: Name Dropper


Lewis Jones knew he didn’t have to do well at school because one day, he was going to be famous. He didn’t have to worry about education because he was going to be on everyone’s telly when he was older.

He thought he’d had the perfect start in life, after all, he was born in a castle. Well, he thought he had until he learned the truth in 1975! More of the childhood lies to follow……..

Basically, Lewis Jones, AKA “Big Lou”, was a nobody who thought one day he’d be a somebody but it never happened. Then, after a 15 year career in Hotel Catering he landed possibly the best job in the world. In 1998 he began working in the world of Private Aviation and overnight, well over the next 15 years, Lewis was thrown into a world of Hollywood Superstars, Elite Sports Stars, Rock Stars, Politicians, Multi Millionaires & Billionaires

This show tells the story of how a Nobody who thought one day he’d be a Somebody, ended up meeting almost everybody.


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Target groups
Elderly, Adult, Youth
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23/06 2024 8:00pm
The Lowry Pier 8 Salford Quays SALFORD
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