The Hall of Hrothgar is cursed. The monstrous Grendel comes to feast on those who sleep there and spread woe through the land of the Danes. Is there no one strong enough to lift the curse and kill Grendel? When the call goes out for a hero, young Beowulf, in the land of the Geats, is eager to answer.

One of the earliest and most famous examples of Anglo Saxon poetry, the tale of Beowulf has enthralled readers for hundreds of years. Quill & Inkling are delighted to present this epic tale of heroic deeds and vile monsters. Utilising movement, poetry and puppetry, as well as action packed fight sequences, this brand new adaptation is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

Review from last years production 'Carried out with such verve and wit, you can't fail to be charmed' - East Anglian Theatre podcast Previous audience feedback 'A truly memorable open air experience' 'Incredibly slick and engaging' 'Very well done and worth seeing'

About Quill & Inkling Quill & Inkling Theatre Company exists to explore classic stories and present them in dynamic theatrical ways. To date, as well as our summer tour, we regularly present historical or mythological stories for English Heritage at properties throughout the country. Find our more information on our website [].


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03/08 2024 3:00pm
Whitlingham Country Park Trowse Newton NORWICH
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