Battle of Bannockburn Anniversary: Robert Bruce Talk


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26/06 2024 7:00pm
The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre Glasgow Road Whins of Milton STIRLING
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Portrait of the King as a Young Man: The early years of Robert Bruce

As we approach his 750th birthday, this talk seeks to explore what we do - and don't - know about Robert Bruce's early life and childhood. It will examine what we can say for certain about Bruce's birth and upbringing, what else we can reasonably deduce from the relevant sources, and how his earliest experiences influenced his later character and actions - including his most famous victory at Bannockburn. Why do we think he was born in 1274? Where was he born? How was he educated? How did this education shape his outlook and equip him with the political and military skills to ensure his eventual success as King of Scots? These are some of the questions this talk will attempt to answer.