Banned Book Club: Writer's Market

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Step into the world of literary rebellion and celebrate the power of words at the Banned Book Club: Writer’s Marketplace!

In 2023, PEN America counted 3,362 book bans affecting 1,557 unique titles in US schools. The authors targeted are predominantly female, Black and/or LGBTQ+ writers. The practice of banning books contributes to a growing climate of censorship and silencing the voices we need to hear the most.

They say when America sneezes, the UK gets a cold. Although banning books is not happening here right now, the climate in Britain is becoming increasing repressive and cold.

At our Banned Book Club Marketplace we’re encouraging the sale of as many banned books as possible – highlighting female, LGBTQ+, black voices and more.

Are you a writer? At the Banned Book Club Marketplace connect with renowned authors, publishers, activists and booksellers for professional advice on getting your work seen by agents and publishing houses and explore an array of banned books!

We’ll have performances, readings and more throughout the day. Join us, grab a book, and become a member of the Banned Book Club!