Bailey J Mills

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Bailey J Mills makes a triumphant return to the stage with their highly-anticipated touring show, Bailey J Mills: Unfiltered & Scummy!

Produced and Directed by Elevate East, the show is a fusion of musical, comedy, play, gameshow, and sketch show, offering an exhilarating escapade through the captivating world of Bailey. Expect nothing less than scandal, secrets, and unapologetic scumminess as you embark on a rollercoaster journey with the rising star and social media sensation. Prepare to be left in fits of laughter as Baileys charismatic character comedy unfolds, featuring a medley of unforgettable personas, including the horse jockey Katy Jane Mae and an array of brand new, never-before-seen characters.

Few performers can shapeshift as seamlessly as Bailey J Mills. Whether theyre spoofing a Stacey Dooley deep dive, living their girlband fantasy imitating The Saturdays or performing an Alexandra Burke number, the Manchester-based drag artists craft is a fierce ode to British hun culture. Standing out in the UK drag scene with their self-described crunchy, cheap and affordable aesthetic, Baileys slapstick-heavy sketches both online, and on stage have won them a loyal queer following.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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