Flag Promotions present an awesome Industrial / EBM / Post Punk line up with Canadas EBM tour de force that is Ayria topping the bill with her energetic and charismatic performance!

Plus Industrial stalwarts Inertia who have been a mainstay of the UK Industrial scene for generations now, after spending 10 years or so as Killing Joke keyboard whizz, Inertia frontman Reza now has more time to work on his own band plus his ever busy schedule as one third of the UKs biggest Depeche Mode Tribute band The Devout good friends and massively underrated are Londons post punk and dare we say Joy Divisionesque?

Black Light Ascension one reason more to get down early for this impressive trio of acts!


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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08/08 2024 7:00pm
Trillians Rock Bar Princess Square NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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