Author Talk with John Nicholson

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The Meat Fix: How a Lifetime of Healthy Eating Nearly Killed Me! “We are all bombarded with ‘healthy eating’ advice every day. Cashew nuts good, square sausage bad. But what really is healthy food and why do we think it is?

For 26 years from 1984-2010 I was a vegan, long before most people even knew what that meant. My life was all brown rice, nuts, lentils and salad. As the years went by the medical profession increasingly told me I was eating the healthiest diet. Trouble was, I was sick. My digestive system was breaking down, for 17 years I had chronic IBS and I had the highest cholesterol in North Yorkshire. Hurrah! Then I ate meat again. Within 48 hours, I was better. And I stayed better. And my cholesterol level halved. So what had been going on?

I set out to find the answer and in doing so wrote The Meat Fix about the whole journey from start to finish.” Come and see ever-popular local author John Nicholson for an hour of laughter, surprise, outrage and disbelief as he explores the healthy eating industry and how it has come to exert so much influence over our lives. As ever with John, it’s an hour full of jokes at his own expense and laugh-out-loud funny stories in between the serious stuff. His conclusions may surprise you…