Austin Lucas

The singer-songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana, plays a mixture of punk folk and country-rock.


No one ever said country music had to be simple, and when Austin Lucas began thinking about the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2013 album Stay Reckless he had a lot on his mind. The Indiana troubadour wanted to do something not only different from his own work, but unlike anything else being done in the realm of country music and Americana. The acclaimed album Between The Moon & The Midwest marries traditional and cosmic country sounds with sharp, vivid storytelling in a fully realized album concept.

'Between The Moon & The Midwest may slot in what looks to outsiders like a narrow gap between Sturgill Simpson’s cosmic choogle and the harder rock of Jason Isbell, but in country terms that’s a canyon, and it belongs to Austin Lucas.' Q

'With a voice that falls between God-given and refined by years of training, it bleeds tradition and adds gravitas to his words.' Popmatters


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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05/05 2023 7:30pm
Le Pub 14--15 High Street NEWPORT
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