Artie's Singing Kettle Hogmanay Party


Spout, Handle, Lid of Metal. What’s Inside the Singing Kettle? Join Artie in this Party Time show at this very special time of the year for Children. And you won’t be alone - the original Singing Kettles will be there too. Singalong to classic favourites like “The Music Man,” “Wee Red Tractor” and “10 in the Bed” A joyful musical celebration that kids and parents alike will love. Perfect for wee ones with lots of energy. Join in the fun as we make our New Year’s resolution - Never Shove yer Granny aff the Bus. It’s a very special time of the year for Artie. “The atmosphere at the shows I did around Christmas and New Year last year was amazing. So I’m doing it again. I have a feeling that it’ll be even better this year!” Nostalgia for Adults and a whole new experience for Children. Unforgettable memories. See you there.


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28/12 2024 2:00pm
Reid Hall Castle Street FORFAR
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