Area Christmas Party


AAfter an amazing night in October at The Bungalow, and a much needed party, The Area Renaissance team return with their eighth outing - AREA Christmas Party 2021 - and another chance to relive the glory days of 90's clubbing. A night of 90's dance anthems provided by original Area residents Stephen Lee & Jamie Mitchell. There were some brilliant Xmas nights in the old AREA in the mid to late 90’s - hell, most of you, if not all of you on here would have been there during those halcyon days. So you’re all invited to AREA Christmas Party 2021 to once again help bring the spirit of the AREA alive again, rekindle old friendships and get legless on vodka and red bull as we celebrate the best of 90s house music with Stephen and Jamie once more captaining the ship.... AREA: what house music Christmases should look like....


Enjoy code: 209330
Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly
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30/12 2021 7:00pm
The Bungalow 15 Shuttle Street PAISLEY
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