Arctic Numpties


Arctic Numpties are Yorkshire's very own tribute to the Arctic Monkeys, with roots to the very same places as the original band. The 'Numpties' give audiences the ultimate Arctic Monkeys experience, exactly replicating the Sheffield icons' sound, look, guitars and excessive use of hair gel. Covering everyone's favourites from all six albums, the Arctic Numpties are a must see for any Monkeys fan.

The band were originally founded by 17 year olds Ben Curry and Jack Walker in 2019. The pair originally started playing Monkeys songs together in their bedrooms before forming the lineup later that year with Tom Smart and Nathan Mabey.

Ben plays guitar and keys, as well as fronting the band on vocals, imitating Alex Turner. Jack is lead guitarist of the band, their very own Jamie Cook. Tom, other wise known as 'Sheepy' is on the drums, with likeness to Matt Helders, he helps with backing vocals along with Nick O'Malley, or Nathan who plays the bass.


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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22/03 2025 7:00pm
Concorde 2 Madeira Drive BRIGHTON
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