Anti-Nowhere League

Old school punk rockers who used to hang with the Damned (and have an infamous 'carrot story' in their disreputable past, Google it if you dare).
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The Anti Nowhere League started up in 1980 in Royal Tunbridge Wells. They released their debut single ´´Streets of London´´ b/w ´´So What´´ in 1981. The single reached number 48 in the UK charts and would have probably got higher had it not been seized by the Police´s Obscenity Squad due to the profanity-laden b-side. ´´So What´´ has since become the band´s anthem and has been covered by Metallica who play the track regularly to this day in concert. This was followed up by their seminal debut album ´´We are...the League´´ in 1982 on WXYZ Records. This was followed by their ´´Live in Yugoslavia´´ album but the band has split by the end of the 1980´s. Since reforming the band have released some incredible albums such as ´´The Horse is Dead´´, ´´Out Of Control´´, ´´The Road to Rampton´´ and more. In 2017 the Anti-Nowhere League have released their latest album ´´League Style ( Loosen Up )´´ which includes their own unique take on classi Ska & Reggae tunes such as ´´Long Shot Kick De Bucket´´, ´´Johnny Too Bad´´, ´´Suzanne Beware of the Devil´´ and more.


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