Anne Pigalle


Anne Pigalle - "Uk number 1 French sweetheart", the only French solo singer to have ever signed to a British label (Paul Morley and Trevor Horn's Zeitgeist molding ZTT) , and well established as Soho denizen and Queen of Erotic and Love poetry...voila, La femme Ensorceleuse. Eat your heart out Patti Smith.

Tonight's show promises to be a Valentines Hangover to live, love and die for, what with Anne's stock being well and truly back to maximum Zout Alors following recently critically acclaimed releases and collaborations. Come have your hearts fixed by La Grande Zombie!"

Stewart Home - "radically inauthentic since 1962" Stewart Home is the most out there writer on the planet - the only person on earth who is visible to the naked eye from outer space! He really does burn that brightly. The London Review of Books has praised Home by saying: "I really don't think anyone who is at all interested in literature has any business not knowing the work of Stewart Home." However, this notorious egg bagel eater prefers to liken himself to "a proletarian comedian with Tourette's spewing obscenities". He much prefers standing on his head and reciting sexually explicit passages from his work at public events to courting the literary establishment. Should be good then...

Paul Ro (The Professor) - raconteur about town and director of the Rock and Roll Museum, will pay an hommage to Les Poètes Maudits in a spellbinding uber Bohemian performance.


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15/02 2023 kl 19:30
Dublin Castle 94 Parkway LONDON
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