“Love robs you of your sanity, mauls your heart will probably kill you, But without love there is no point in living”

Tolstoy’s masterpiece reimagined for the stage. When her brother’s affair is discovered, Anna Karenina crosses the country by train to help save his marriage. But on her arrival at the station, a charged encounter with a dazzling young cavalry officer sends Anna on a course of action that could destroy her own marriage and tear her life apart.

Meanwhile, rejected by his beloved, Kostya Levin vows never to marry. As Anna opens herself up to love, Kostya tries in vain to shut himself off from it.

Kindred spirits, Anna and Kostya are torn between desire and duty, sexual and parental love, self and society – and they won’t live a lie. In a world of fakery, public shaming and patriarchal oppression, they are compelled to live truly, and to truly live – or not live at all.


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07/06 2023 1:00am
Bristol Old Vic King Street BRISTOL
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